Saturday, July 9, 2011

Update on June Project

Just wanted to check in and update you all on my June project (the bathroom) since I had promised to get it done in June...

I tossed out all the things I didn't use, and then I organized my under-the-sink cabinet with some organizers I had bought earlier this year.  The only thing left was to get some new organizers for the wall cabinet, which is rather shallow, and I was having difficulty finding containers thin enough to fit, but not so thin I couldn't fit anything into them.

So today I did a little shopping on The Container Store's website and found some things I think will work.  They'll fit in the cabinet based on the measurements; I just hope they fit my stuff!

Although I love The Container Store, I don't typically shop there since it tends to be more pricey than other options.  However, for a small project I figured I could splurge a little, and if these do the job perfectly, then I'll have justified it!  I wish I could have shopped in person and avoided the shipping charges; there is actually a store opening up in town in November...which is conveniently after most of my organizing will be done. :-P

Anyhow, assuming these are as great as I'm hoping they'll be, I'll post the final update and pictures as soon as they are delivered!  In the meantime, I'm planning to set aside some time next Saturday to start working on the kitchen.  If I don't start it soon, I'm worried I never will!

I'll leave you with a link from this past week.  Unclutterer posted a really cute trench coat that also has magical hidden pockets: check it out!

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