Resources + Inspiration

Here is a collection of the books and websites that I have found helpful in my organizing journey.  If you are looking for some practical tips, creative solutions, or just some inspiration to get you moving, these are great resources!


This book is pretty comprehensive in terms of exactly how to go about organizing every facet of your life.  It even includes a chapters on moving & holiday entertaining!

This book has a lot of great tips on living an organized life and how it is possible to actually maintain the state of organization you work so hard to attain!


Some of the features of this blog include a Workspace of the Week, Ask Unclutterer, and Unitasker Wednesdays.  This blog has been around several years and has a lot of archives, which could be good resources if you're looking for something specific.

This blog has a "52 Weeks of Organizing" program if you want to follow a regimented plan, similar to the book above.  The author also offers other tips and focuses on menu planning on Mondays, if that is something you need help with.

Great tips on decorating your guessed it...on a budget.  This will be the next phase of my home improvement after I get it organized!  Although this blog is mostly decor-centered, some of her tips are applicable to organization.