Sunday, July 31, 2011

Master Plan - June Project: The Bathroom

Figured I should get my June project posted at least before July is over, right?

In my update a few weeks ago, I was actually almost done, with the exception of acquiring a couple new containers.  Well, they came in a week or so later and work great, so now I'm officially done!

I have a small bathroom, which means there is only so much space that "stuff" can hide.  I have a small cabinet under my sink and a shallow wall cabinet.  That's it.  Let's start with the wall cabinet...

This wasn't too bad, but it wasn't great.  I envisioned using this cabinet for only those items that I use daily, and some of what was in there didn't fit that description.  After new bamboo organizers and a little rearranging, here's the new cabinet!

Much more functional, and I love the new makeup caddy!

The other cabinet needed more help:

The stackable plastic pink baskets were about the only reasonably decent thing I had going on in there.  With no built-in shelves, vertical storage was key, but I also had to work around the exposed plumbing.  For a long time I had my eye on these cabinet drawers, but they were more than I wanted to pay.  However, back in February I happened upon some similar items on clearance at Target while looking for other things.  Score!  That was really all I needed to make the cabinet transformation happen:

Much better, no?  The shelves are great because both the upper and lower drawers slide out for easy access to the items in the back.

I have been much happier (and less frustrated) with this new layout. Plus, it's one more item checked off the master plan!  Now to get the kitchen done...


  1. Hey Jenna - the cabinet redo looks great - so much more open!

  2. Thanks! I'm liking it so much better now!

  3. I'm jealous, my bathroom is a complete mess.

  4. Michelle, just take it one step at a time! My two main problems were: 1) extra products laying around that I didn't use (solution: toss them!), and 2) no built-in vertical storage in the cabinet (solution: the vertical drawers). My small bathroom is a blessing in that it forces me not to have too much extra stuff!

  5. I need shelves in my cabinet, that would help so much!