Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Minute Friday: Stop the Sales Calls

Welcome to the second Five Minute Friday!  Ready for another quick way to a simpler life?

Continuing with the theme from last time, on handy websites my local Better Business Bureau provided ot me, I have another useful online resource to share with you.

I had actually heard of (and used) this one before:  In just a couple steps, you can put your phone number on the "Do Not Call" list, to prevent those pesky telemarketers from calling you right in the middle of dinner.

Although I knew I had used this website in the past, I wasn't sure if I had used it for my current cell number.  Luckily, they have a "Verify A Registration" link where it will check to see if your number is already registered.  A few quick clicks, and an email appeared in my inbox telling me that this number was, in fact, not registered.

No problem! I just went back to the website and clicked the "Register A Phone Number" link.  Again, just a minute later I had an email confirmation that my number had been added to the list.

All of this (including both the verification and the registration) took me less than five minutes.  It will actually let you register (and verify) up to 3 numbers at a time, so if you have multiple numbers to add, it won't take you any longer than it takes to type the phone number!

I know phone calls aren't physical clutter like those pesky credit offers, but those phone calls are still just one more thing you have to deal with; even if you don't answer, that ringing phone would probably disrupt your train of thought.  And if it takes just less than five minutes to eliminate from your life, why not?

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